Academic Papers


Project for Math 620 (Numerical Analysis / Prof. Matthias Gobbert) at UMBC Fall 2008

Implementation of a CORDIC algorithm in a Digital Down-Converter by Chris K Cockrum

Project for CMSC 443 (Cryptography / Prof. Brooke Stephens) at UMBC Fall 2000

Implementation of a DES-like block cipher (key reduced to 32 bits) by Chris K Cockrum

Project for Math 413 (Number Theory / Prof. Robert Campbell) at UMBC Spring 2009

Implementation of an Elliptic Curve Crytosystem on an 8-bit Microcontroller by Chris K Cockrum

If you need a hardware random number generator, take a look at and

Picture of TrueRNG Picture of TrueRNGpro

Picture of TrueRNGpro PCB