Problem with Claybuster CB5034-28HS (28 gauge) wads

I've been reloading 28gauge shells on my Ponsness Warren Platinum 2000 for a while now and have noticed that some of the hulls don't crimp well or stay crimped and some are being "scorched" when fired. The left one is a good once-fired/reloaded 28ga Winchester AA Hull and the right is the "scorched" once-fired/reloaded 28ga Winchester AA Hull.

How to Convert a Uniform Distribution to a Gaussian Distribution

The TrueRNGv2/3 and many other random number generators often provide a uniform distribution output. This article shows how to convert this to a Gaussian Distribution

Uniform Distribution Histograph Gaussian Distribution Histograph

A Simple Python TrueRNG Server Example

We've gotten a few questions about using the TrueRNG as a random number server so I banged out this quick example.

Screenshot of Windows 10 Python server Screenshot of Windows 10 Python client

Step-by-Step: Using TrueRNGpro with Python in Windows 10 and Linux

We get questions about how to use our TrueRNG random number generators so I thought I would write a tutorial on how to get it running with Python on Windows and Linux

Screenshot of TrueRNG in Device Manager in Win 10 Screenshot of TrueRNG in dmesg on Ubuntu Linux 16.04.1 LTS

TrueRNG Testing

I wrote up an article on testing the TrueRNG using ent, rngtools, and dieharder. I talk about the meaning of the results and the statistics that are expected for a good hardware random number generator.

LASR Software Discount

I have been using this Laser Activated Shot Reporter software for a couple of months now and it is great! It allows me to get a lot more trigger time at home using any laser training gun or laser insert.

The way it works is to put regular or reduced-size targets up on a wall and point a webcam at them. The LASR software will then record your shot times and scores. It will also play shooting sounds through the computer speakers.

I'm planning to take some photos and video of the system in operation and will put them here when done

In the mean time, here is a link to a video from LASR:

If you are interested, you can get a 10% discount on the LASR software by using the discount code:


LASR Website

Overall Length vs Pressure in a .45 Colt

I've gotten questions about how overall length affects pressure so I did a few Quickload simulations. Here are the simulations:

Demo of Lyman Lubrisizer

Installed a Peep Sight on my Henry Big Boy Rifle

Photo of Henry Big Boy Rifle