Powder Measure Adjustment Knob for a Dillon XL650 / RB550 Reloader

I got tired of finding/using a wrench to adjust the powder measure so I made this

Increased Heat on my new Char-Broil 480 Grill

I just replaced my old grill with a new Char-Broil 480 40,000 BTU unit from Amazon and the new grill just wasn't getting hot enough as quickly as I wanted so I replaced the regulator with a Bayou Classic 0-30 PSI Adjustable Regulator also from Amazon.

I just removed the old regulator hose fitting and the new one just bolted on with no other modifications required.

Here is the result:

WARNING: Don't try this at home - this may void your warranty / destroy the grill / burn down something you care about / kill you.

Overall Length vs Pressure in a .45 Colt

I've gotten questions about how overall length affects pressure so I did a few Quickload simulations. Here are the simulations:

Demo of Lyman Lubrisizer

Installed a Peep Sight on my Henry Big Boy Rifle

Photo of Henry Big Boy Rifle

Anti-Backlash / Anti-wobble Mod for Solidoodle 4

In my quest for the perfect 3D printer settings, I decided to try the lift option which lifts the extruder from the surface during non-extruding moves. I found that my stock Solidoodle 4 had significant backlash in the z-axis. I tried to print out an anti-backlash nut/spring assembly from Thingiverse but it was made for previous version and my Solidoodle 4 didn't have a long enough z-axis threaded rod to keep the nut on it when in the highest position.

After thinking about this for a while, I considered just printing a solid piece that holds a nut but thought that it needed some give to keep it from wearing the rod or becoming sloppy over time. I settled on using a rubber O-ring below the nut to provide springiness.

Upgraded Programming Clip for AVR / Arduino boards

To reduce the possibility of breakage, I added a post to limit over-travel.

Programming Clip for AVR / Arduino boards

We started producing our WIOT boards and wanted to ship them programmed but without the programming header installed (since some people may want to keep the board low-profile). We tried holding the 2x6 header in place then ended up buying some pogo-pin adapters from Tindie but it isn't comfortable to hold while the board is being programmed.

Wireless Internet Of Things (WIOT) Final Version

Click for more details

I designed this board to be an easy-to-use way to get connect to WiFi from an Arduino-compatible board. This will allow anyone to write Arduino compatible sketches that can easily use 802.11b WiFi using the ESP-8266 (ESP-01) WiFi module.

Although I could have probably done this as a successful Kickstarter campaign, we did the development on our own and ran a first batch of 50 units. If these are popular, we will run a larger batch.

Tool Rack for Darkon (Tormach-compatible) Toolholders

CNC Vacuum Power Control and Z-axis Auto-zero

3D Printed Magnetic Microscope Camera Mount for CNC Zeroing

Custom Vacuum Nozzles for My Loc-Line® Setup

Adding a Dual Loc-Line® Vacuum to a CNC Mini-Mill

My ubld Electronics Projects

Wireless Internet Of Things (WIOT) Prototype

TrueRNG Hardware Random Number Generator